1. Classic Pedicure…..$36

Rest your tired feet in jets of warm circulating water with this pedicure. It includes shaping toenails, cuticle care, massage, and the application of polish.

Add French design for an extra $5!

Sterilization Pack: Disposable plastic liner, buffer, nail file, callus buffing pads

Gel Callus Removal: $5

2. Smoothing Pedicure…….$47

This pedicure comes with an exfoliation with sugar scrub containing many different essential oils to stimulate circulation, remove dry skin cells, and improve elasticity. This is followed by a massage with Cuccio buttermilk and honey for hydration and application of Ice Cooling Gel. Cuccio butter milk & honey: help the skin’s hydration good for wintertime of dry skin. Ice Cooling Gel: The menthol produces a cooling effects.

Gel Callus removal included.

3. Collagen Pedicure…….$52

Try this upgraded version of the Classic Pedicure! Pamper your dry, cracked, and tired feet with this ultimate experience. Allow us to treat your overworked legs and feet while you relax and unwind in a foot soak. This is followed by a sugar scrub, thermal mud mask on your calves, and a wrap with warm towels. This is the perfect recipe for softer skin and a healthy glow!

The new collagen socks in the treatment are infused with hemp-derived Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil to deliver an intense dose of moisture and visibly restore youthfulness. Finally, a pair of foot masks aid in muscle relaxation.

Gel Callus removal included.

4. Ultimate Spa Pedicure…….$57

Grand name Organic Products: Q Smart Spa

Callus Removal: Removes dry calluses for a softer skin.

OPI Tropical Citrus Scrub: Natural sugar crystals and coconut and citrus extracts are formulated to reduce calluses and rough skin.

OPI Tropical Citrus Cream Massage: Moisturizing skin massage with lotion.

OPI Tropical Citrus Mask: Ultra-hydrating masks with shea butter extract to help soften your feet.

Paraffin Wax Treatment: Conditions the skin with rich paraffin.

Gel Callus removal included.

5. Hot Stone Pedicure…….$57

Q Smart Spa Products
A truly pampering experience! Enjoy the positive benefits of natural products for your feet and legs. This treatment promotes healthy sleep by relaxing the foot nerves. It includes a hot stone massage, Ice Cooling Gel (or butter lotion), callus removal, sugar scrub, and effective exfoliation for nomal or dry, rough areas. Almond oil is quickly absorbed by the skin to richly soothe and soften it.

Sterilization Pack: Disposable plastic liner, buffer, nail file, callus buffing pads. Gel Callus removal included

6. Jelly Pedicure…….$57

Q Smart Spa Products
Unwind and Relax in the luxury Jelly Spa experience with a complete personalize this spa treatment that will nourish, protect & brighten the appearance of dry, dull and uneven skin. Enjoy this pedicure with sugar scrub, callus treatment, cooling gel, paraffin treatment.
Gel Callus removal included.

7. Organic Pedicure…….$72

Our Luxurious, Organic pedicure follow with sugar scrubs and gentle exfoliation, the active deep detoxify with a fun bubbling explosion, Enjoy our signature reflexology candle wax massage. This pedicure features a restorative collagen cream, callus treatment it is also includes a paraffin wax and a hot stone massage. Experience the nature restorative properties of our collagen socks treatment.

Gel Callus removal included.